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Chiropractic | Pre+Postnatal

From morning sickness and sciatic pain to relieving the postural aches that come with holding, lifting, nursing and feeding, we’ve got your back - mama!

Chiropractic | Pre+Postnatal
a safe and effective way to  feel your best  throughout pregnancy & beyond
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Chiropractic | Prenatal

During pregnancy, those pre-existing (and often, unnoticed!) imbalances in the pelvis and spine become even more stressed and strained. Plus, the weight of a growing uterus changes the way a woman’s body moves and functions, shifting her balance and putting pressure on the joints of the hips, pelvis and lower back. These things make everyday activity increasingly difficult for a pregnant woman.

Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can relieve and even prevent the common discomforts experienced in pregnancy. Specific adjustments (such as the Webster technique) eliminate any stress in the spine and establish alignment and balance in the pelvis ensuring baby is the best possible position for delivery - and giving mama some much needed relief.

  • Low back discomfort + sciatic nerve pain 

  • Mid back discomfort and rib pain

  • Tailbone and pubic bone pain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist pain

  • Pelvic alignment and stability

  • Round ligament pain and discomfort

  • Birth prep - ensuring optimal alignment and nervous system function​​

post-partum chiropractor, postpartum chiropractic
Chiropractic | Post-Partum

No matter how you give birth, chiropractic care can be a big help for new moms! We use gentle methods to adjust your pelvis and spine, making sure your body is in top shape for taking care of your newborn.


The post-birth period can bring changes to your spine, and as you carry and feed your baby, it can strain your neck, shoulders, and wrists. We're here to relieve that strain and discomfort. We'll even suggest exercises and customized recovery plans to make sure you heal properly and regain your strength.

A post-partum check-in is recommended for all parents to ensure proper alignment, relieve tension, and assess current physical abilities to plan for a full recovery. You'll leave feeling at ease, with your tight muscles relieved, and the tools and strategies to feel your best while taking care of your new addition to the family. 

  • Low back discomfort

  • Hand and wrist pain

  • Mid back and shoulder discomfort associated with feeding

  • Pelvic alignment and stability

  • Post-partum rehab - regaining the strength you need to take care of your new baby

  • How does it all work?
    All of our movement class & workshop offerings are delivered as programs of 4 week series. You can have a look at our "programs" section at what series are currently offered or are starting soon!
  • How do I book/sign up for a class/workshop?
    After reading the class descriptions and choosing the offering that fits what you're looking for, you can click the "register now" link and it will redirect you to our booking site ( You can then select the time that works best for you. After selecting the class & time, you will be prompted to sign in or create an account on JaneApp. This account can be used to book all of our health & wellness services offered at InForm! You will then be sent a payment link to submit payment for the series of classes. Once we receive payment, we will auto-enrol you in the subsequent 3 classes, so that you are enrolled in the full program.
  • I don't want to commit to a full program, is there a single class option?
    At this time, we do not offer single class or drop-in options. Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns about this!
  • Do I need to bring equipment to class?
    Nope! At InForm, we supply all of the mats, weights, blocks, and any other equipment you may need during your session. Just bring yourself!
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