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Open Studio

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A space just for you, to move, learn and grow. 

At InForm, we are driven by the goal of helping our community to move and feel their best. We acknowledge that a huge barrier to this can be not having the right space or equipment, and not knowing where to start or what to do. 

After working with countless patients and seeing the undeniable benefits of frequent, structured exercise in injury prevention and rehabilitation, the idea for an open studio space was born. 

What is an Open Studio Session?

For those who prefer a self-guided approach, our open gym training option provides you with the freedom to create your own movement routine. Our studio is equipped with everything you might need, offering you the flexibility to explore various exercises and training methods at your own pace. Our trainers are available to offer guidance and support as needed, ensuring you make the most of your open gym experience.

How it Works

​All of our services are booked and paid for through JaneApp, click here to get started if you do not already have an account with us! 

  1. Purchase a single class, membership or class pack - any of which are eligible to be used for the open studio sessions

  2. Book a time slot in any of the Open Studio Sessions

  3. If this is your first Open Studio Session, you will be sent an intake form so we can get to know more about you and your goals 

  4. If you have been to an Open Studio Session before, but want to change your program - send us an email so we can update it before your next session

  5. Arrive to your scheduled Open Studio Session and check-in with the instructor to get started

  6. During your Open Studio Session,  you have full access to all of our equipment and the knowledge of our movement expert or clinician instructors

Do you have any other questions or want to know if the Open Studio Sessions are right for you?


Contact us and we will be happy to help!

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