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Group Fitness

Suitable for anyone, every body is welcomed and supported, whether you are looking to increase the benefits you receive from our other services, or are cross training, coming back to movement after an injury or looking to change what no longer serves you as you move though all that life brings you, our small group personal training sessions are designed to serve you, as you are, helping you become the strongest version of yourself. 

Mat Pilates
Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates focuses on enhancing core strength, flexibility, and overall body alignment. Led by our experienced and certified instructors, this session offers a dynamic blend of controlled movements, breath work, and precise exercises designed to sculpt and tone your muscles while promoting a sense of mindfulness. Whether you're a beginner or experienced practitioner, our Mat Pilates class caters to all fitness levels, providing personalized modifications and variations to suit individual needs. 

Mat Pilates for Athletes

Specifically designed to provide cross-training and compliment any sport or athletic activities. This is more challenging than the typical mat pilates class and is intended to build a strong core & foundation for any athletic movement. 

Boxing, Kickboxing & Self-Defense

A full body ass-kicking, while learning how to kick ass.

Our time channeling our power & strength centres around all things movement that encourages muscle growth & retention, improves bone density, lowers resting heart rate, improves our  respiratory health, and provides us with overall feelings of well-being and mental health. Aka. feeling good and looking good while having fun. 

Release & Relief

This is our time where we lean into the gentler side of movement in order to combat nervousness, invite better sleeps, soothe our aches and pains (both old and new), nourish our bodies, minds and souls for long term vitality.

Back, Hips, Neck and Shoulder

Lifestyle (office work and/or generic sitting), genetics, injuries, everyday aches and pains, etc. can do a number to our upper half, mitigate the damage done in our daily lives, take the time to reset and relieve it all.

Full Body & Mind

Deep relaxation for all that is you, deeply calming, soothing and de-stressing.

For Weight Lifters

Mitigate the damage done and perfectly compliment your gym workouts, take the time to reset and relieve it all.

Strength & Stretch

Stretching the tight, strengthening the weak.

Soothe, tone and balance the benefits as well as our bodies. 

Full Body Fit

An intense workout & deep stretch, all in one. 

Flow Yoga

Yoga flows with some deep stretching to softly strengthen and reset ourselves. 

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